LUT Divisions and Programs

The Department of Land Use & Transportation's mission is twofold:

  • Building and maintaining a great transportation system
  • Planning and protecting the uses of the land

Working in coordination with our city, regional and state government partners, approximately 300 LUT employees provide a wide range of transportation, planning, permitting and road maintenance services. 

Our land use, planning, development review and building permitting/inspection functions are located in the Public Services Building (PSB), 155 N. First Ave., Ste. 350, in downtown Hillsboro. Our road-related functions are located at the Walnut Street Center (WSC), 1400 SW Walnut St. on Hillsboro's west end. Visit our LUT Office Locations and Hours page for more information.

The Department of Land Use & Transportation is organized into four divisions. Most divisions have multiple workgroups, or sections, which are identified below. To send an electronic message to any of these workgroups, please use the Land Use & Transportation Feedback Form.


The Administrative Services division (PSB) coordinates LUT’s budgeting, payroll, emergency preparedness, employee safety, and public information and education functions. They are the department's liaisons with Human Resources and Information Technology Systems.

The Planning and Development Services Division includes three sections:

  • Building Services (PSB) provides  permitting, plan review and inspections for all phases of construction on commercial and residential properties in unincorporated Washington County and several of its small cities.
    • Building Services 503-846-3470

  • Current Planning Services (PSB) provides development review and assistance and code compliance in the unincorporated areas of Washington County.
  • Development Review 503-846-8761
  • Code Compliance 503-846-4875

  • Long Range Planning (PSB) provides countywide land use and transportation planning coordination, economic and demographic information services, as well as community land use planning in the urban unincorporated areas of Washington County.
  • Long Range Planning 503-846-3519

  • Capital Project Management 503-846-7800
  • Right-of-Way 503-846-7870

  • Road and Bridge Engineering Services 503-846-7900
  • Survey Development Review/County Surveyor 503-846-8723
  • Road Survey 503-846-7933
  • Traffic Engineering (WSC) investigates complaints regarding traffic problems, monitors traffic accidents and traffic volume information, and maintains traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. This section is also responsible for development reviews with respect to traffic issues and impacts.
  • Traffic Engineering 503-846-7950

The Operations & Maintenance division (WSC) manages public rights of way including bridges, culverts, paved and gravel roads, roadside drainage ditches and vegetation. The division provides 24-hour emergency response including weather-related incidents such as sanding, plowing and closing roads due to flooding, landslides and storm-related debris. All work performed by Operations and Maintenance crews is guided by Washington County's Best Management Practices for Routine Road Maintenance to avoid or minimize impacts to the environment.


Tools LUT Uses to Carry Out Its Mission