Get Involved

Thinking About Getting Involved?

One way for citizens to be informed and have an impact on land use and transportation issues is to get involved in their local Community Participation Organization (CPO). There are 17 CPOs in Washington County, organized geographically. They are coordinated by the Community Engagement Program staff in the County Administrative Office. View their main page for a look-up map, sign-up form to receive CPO notices and news, or call 503-846-6288 for more information.

LUT also has citizen committees to help guide our work. Some are permanent, like the Planning Commission, the Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee, and the Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee. Some are temporary, as when a Project Advisory Committee is set up to provide guidance on a particular capital project. Please contact us if you would like to learn more; call 503-846-4963.

If you’d rather help in a more outdoors, hands on way, consider Adopting a Road! You and your colleagues can find a stretch of roadway in which you can take special pride. Call Adopt-a-Road at 503-846-7619.