Board appoints two committees for Transportation Plan update

Release date: 12/21/2011
Sponsored by: Department of Land Use and Transportation, Division

Washington County’s Department of Land Use and Transportation is beginning the process of updating the County’s Transportation Plan. On December 20, the Washington County Board of Commissioners appointed two advisory committees to assist in the update process:

  • A 22-member Interagency Coordinating Committee (ICC) consisting of Washington County local government and service provider representatives, and
  • An 18-member Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Both committees will meet periodically with project staff to help evaluate and guide the plan update, which is expected to occur over the next 18-24 months.

The Board’s objective for the CAC was to achieve balanced representation from a range of transportation system stakeholder interests and a range of citizen perspectives from throughout the County. The Committee for Citizen Involvement and the leadership of Washington County Citizen Participation Organizations assisted in the process by reviewing CAC applications and offering recommendations to the Board. We received more than 35 applications from citizens willing to serve on the CAC, and we truly appreciate the commitment of all those who applied. Ultimately, the Board appointed the following CAC members:

  • Hal Ballard
  • Kyle Malstrom
  • Mark Bauer
  • Jake Mintz
  • Bill Berg
  • Susan Otcenas
  • Ernie Conway
  • Tom Re
  • Bonnie Hadley
  • Jon Reimann
  • Herb Hirst
  • Monica Shumaker
  • Faun Hosey
  • Will Vanlue
  • Ron Jamtgaard
  • Matt Wellner
  • John Malnerich
  • Peter Welte
The Washington County Transportation Plan update is intended to ensure local policies and strategies are consistent with the new regional transportation plan and to address local interests and concerns.  The CAC and ICC will have central roles in this process.  

Washington County residents interested in staying current with Transportation Plan update developments and finding out about other opportunities to participate in the process may do so by contacting the Long Range Planning Division at or by calling 503-846-3519. Information will be also added to our Transportation Plan web page as the update process moves forward:

Media Contact:

Stephen Roberts, Communications Coordinator