Board approves URMD Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Projects

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sponsored by: Department of Land Use and Transportation

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Funding for 12 Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Projects was approved by the Washington County Board of Commissioners during its Oct. 19 meeting.

The Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee unanimously recommended the projects, which total $6.6 million and are funded by the Urban Road Maintenance District. (See map)

Pedestrian crossings

  • 185th Avenue and Pheasant Lane
  • 185th Avenue and Pike Street
  • Beef Bend Road and Peachtree Drive
  • Bethany Boulevard and Mitchell Avenue
  • Garden Home Boulevard and 84th Avenue
  • Kaiser Road and 147th
  • Laidlaw Road and Waterhouse Trail


  • 188th Avenue, Kinnaman Road to Blanton Street, east side of the road
  • 195th Avenue, Keena Court to Farmington Road, west side of the road
  • Ewen Drive/Augusta Lane, 18235 Ewen Drive to 178th Place, north side of the road
  • Greenwood Drive, 135th Avenue to the fire gate, north side of the road
  • Huntington Avenue, Cedar Hills Boulevard to Glenhaven Street, both sides of the road

The Urban Road Maintenance District funds small-scale pedestrian and biking improvement projects, including sidewalks, pathways and bike lanes. Since 2011, 62 URMD Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Projects totaling over $23 million have been funded. Learn more and suggest a project

Washington County is committed to planning, building and supporting a great transportation system, ensuring the safety of all roadway users, and running the County roadway system in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.

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Melissa De Lyser, Public Affairs and Communications Manager