Weight limits placed on nine County bridges

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sponsored by: Department of Land Use and Transportation, Operations and Maintenance Division
Weight limited bridges 5/2/17

New weight limits on nine County bridges - eight are newly limited and one updated - were approved by the Washington County Board of Commissioners during its regular meeting Tuesday (May 2). 

The bridges impacted are as follows:

  • Nicol Road over Fanno Creek (Bridge #1202)
  • Bohmann Parkway over Fanno Creek (Bridge #1203)
  • Rein Road over Cedar Creek (Bridge #1220)
  • 229th Avenue over Buttnernut Creek (Bridge #1237)
  • Evers Road over Dairy Creek (Bridge #1297)
  • Fern Flat Road over Dairy Creek (Bridge #1371)
  • Turk Road over Dairy Creek (Bridge #1374)
  • Pongratz Road over Whitcher Creek (Bridge #1377)
  • Cochran Road over Nehalem River (Bridge #1394)

Recent bridge inspections and load ratings identified the need for extensive repairs and/or limiting the weight of loads allowed to cross these bridges.

Including these nine bridges, 21 of Washington County's 184 bridges are weight-restricted. That number is expected to increase as the County's growing road and bridge maintenance needs continue to outpace available funding.

The weight limits for all bridges remain in place until the bridges are either repaired or replaced. The County's weight-limited bridges are safe for normal traffic not exceeding the posted weight limits. The restrictions for each bridge are unique, depending on structural integrity and condition. Enforcement of posted weight limits is provided by the Washington County Sheriff's Office Motor Carrier Officers.

For more information, contact the Operations and Maintenance Division at 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) or lutops@co.washington.or.us.

Washington County is committed to planning, building and maintaining a great transportation system, ensuring the safety of all roadway users, and operating the County roadway system in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Media Contact:

Melissa De Lyser, Communications Coordinator