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DOGAMI Landslide Susceptibility Report

DOGAMI Landslide Susceptibility Report of the Linnton Quadrangle Including Bonny Slope West/Area 93, Washington County and Multnomah Counties, Oregon

Report Appendices & Maps

Appendix A

Appendix B


Appendix C



Local Wetland and Riparian Inventory

Local Wetland and Riparian Inventory Report - The LWI addresses the location and characteristics of wetlands and riparian areas in the Bonny Slope West area.


Wildlife Habitat Assessment Memorandum


Existing Conditions - Physical and Zoning


Infrastructure Funding Plan

Board Staff Report to Adopt an Infrastructure Funding Plan - October 6, 2015

Draft Infrastructure Funding Plan - April 2015 - addresses the funding for infrastructure (parks, transportation, water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, and schools) to serve new development in the Bonny Slope West area.


Public Input


Service Providers

Transportation Information

Natural Resources


Multnomah County Concept Plan