Area 93 Open House - April 10 2014

Washington County Long Range Planning section assumed community planning responsibilities for Area 93 when it became the newest part of Washington County in January 2014.

Staff hosted an Open House on April 10 at Sunset High School, and created an online Virtual Open House, to gather community input about the Multnomah County 2009 Area 93 Concept Plan (shown below). More than 600 comments were submitted for staff's consideration in developing a community plan that meets community aspirations and county guidelines.

Below is a summary of community feedback about the Multnomah County 2009 Area 93 Concept Plan (referenced numbered items can be seen in the map below). 



Community feedback indicated support for these Multnomah County Concept Plan elements

  • development focused around natural features
  • a central pedestrian and bike crossing of Bronson Creek to improve connectivity for three modes of transportation and protect the watershed (a proposed crossing location is labeled as Item #1 on the map above)
  • residential development clustered into three neighborhoods - north of Bronson Creek, southwest of Bronson Creek, and southeast of Bronson Creek - surrounded by parks, Bronson Creek, and existing groves of trees
  • public pathways and trails to serve as a community amenity and encourage interaction
  • streets designed to slow traffic and be inviting for pedestrians, with planting strips separating sidewalks from roadway
  • developing the community as a model of sustainability, especially as it relates to
    • establishing multi-modal transportation options (pedestrian, bicycle, auto)
    • maximizing solar opportunities through east-west road orientation
    • managing storm water through "green street" methods, such as decreasing impervious surfaces, increasing vegetative cover, stormwater swales, curb extensions, rain gardens, etc.
    • preserving the Bronson Creek corridor

Community feedback was mixed for these Multnomah County Concept Plan elements

  • utilizing Bronson Creek as a community anchor, framed by parkway streets to allow views and public access to the creek
  • constructing an auto bridge at the eastern end of the community over Bronson creek on Marcottee Road that connects the north and south areas (a proposed auto bridge location is labeled as Item #2 on the map above)

Community feedback indicated a lack of support for the following elements in the Multnomah County Concept Plan 

  • road connections in and out of the community and with existing neighborhoods are frequent and easy to find (several comments about this element objected to the proposed eastern extension of Milford Street through Area 93, labeled as Item #3 on the map above)
  • a proposed north-south boulevard between NW Thompson Road and Bronson Creek, that could serve as the main entrance to the community and provide a visual connection with Bronson Creek
  • developing an area with residential development that is single family small lot homes, both attached and detached, with some multi-family (numerous comments objected to the inclusion of multi-family in this vision statement)*
  • a small commercial center off NW Thompson Road to meet some of residents' daily needs, such as a dry cleaner or coffee house (the proposed center's location is labeled as Item #4 on the map above)
  • maximizing transit access on NW Thompson Road by locating higher densities nearby as a sustainability principle (numerous comments objected to the their density component of this vision statement)*


The topic that generated the largest number of Open House comments was future urban residential densities in Area 93. Most of the comments expressed support for lower residential densities, and lack of support for higher residential densities and multi-family housing types.*

* NOTE: Washington County is required to comply with the urban residential density and housing type requirements of the state's Metropolitan Housing Rule (Oregon Administrative Rule 660-007). These requirements include:

  • Designate sufficient buildable land to provide the opportunity for at least 50 percent of new residential units to be attached single family housing or multiple family housing. 
  • Provide an overall density of eight (8) or more dwelling units per net buildable acre.

Washington County project staff are discussing these requirements with Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) staff to determine their meaning for the Area 93 urban planning.

Additional proposed elements of Multnomah County's 2009 Area 93 Concept Plan also generated a large number of comments:
  • Many comments indicated support for a pedestrian/bicycle crossing linking the northern end of Marcottee Road with Laidlaw Road versus a full auto crossing.
  • Community feedback was mixed regarding a park site north of Bronson Creek.
  • Many comments indicated lack of support for a park site on the south edge of Area 93 near Thompson Road (the proposed park site location is labeled as Item #5 on the map above).