Bonny Slope West January 26 2015 Open House Exhibits

On January 26, 2015 the Bonny Slope West community was invited to attend an open house to review the new and revised Community Plan exhibits developed by the Washington County planning team.

About 55 people attended and reviewed informational posters on transportation, natural resources, infrastructure funding, and proposed plan elements (including land use designations, potential park study areas, and potential trail locations). The project team will continue to review the feedback we received from open houses and online comment submissions, service providers and the Planning Commission as we continue refining the Community Plan.

Below are links to the new and revised exhibits from the January 26, 2015 Open House. Most materials posted are formatted for readability at 11" x 17", unless noted.

Physical and Environmental Information

  • Pacific Habitat Services refined the Local Wetland and Riparian Inventory for Bonny Slope West through additional on-site evaluations.
  • The Department of Geological and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) displayed Draft Deep-Seated and Shallow-seated Landslide Susceptibility maps for Bonny Slope West.

NOTE: DOGAMI has not completed the assembly of their information, but when it is available, those maps will be linked from this webpage.

Transportation System - General Information

  • View existing traffic distribution on major roads in and near Bonny Slope West and forecasted traffic volumes once Bonny Slope West is urbanized in the Transportation System: Existing Conditions and Forecast Volume exhibit.
  • The Street Connectivity Policy and Requirements exhibit outlines the state, regional, and county regulations that require new development to provide full street connections and connect to existing street stubs.
  • The Bonny Slope West Planning Area Roadway Connections handout describes the state, regional, and county regulations that require new development to provide full street connections and limited closed-end streets. (Formatted to print 8.5" x 11")
  • The Transportation Project Development & Improvement Process exhibit describes the process by which a transportation development project is identified, prioritized, and constructed.   NOTE: Exhibit pending and will be uploaded soon.

Infrastructure Funding Plan

  • The Infrastructure Funding Plan exhibit provides an overview of the types of facilities that will be included in the Bonny Slope West Infrastructure Funding Plan, and how the plan will identify potential projects, costs, and funding sources, as well as next steps.
  • The Potential Parks Infrastructure exhibit illustrates potential neighborhood parks, community trails, and a pedestrian/bicycle creek crossing with next steps to further consideration.
  • The Potential Transportation Projects exhibit lists some potential major transportation infrastructure projects.
  • The Washington County Transportation Funding Strategy exhibit illustrates the county's general funding strategy for transportation projects including system maintenance, addressing major roadway deficiencies, and keeping up with growth. (Formatted to print 8.5" x 11")
  • The Transportation Funding Example: North Bethany exhibit shows the transportation funding strategy for North Bethany as an example of a potential approach that could be used in Bonny Slope West. (Formatted to print 8.5" x 11")

Proposed Plan and Next Steps

  • The Proposed Plan Elements exhibit illustrates plan elements under consideration, including land use designations, potential parks and tail amenities, and a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over the creek.
  • The Next Steps timeline exhibit lists upcoming dates and actions in the community planning process for Bonny Slope West.