Bonny Slope West

Notice: This page refers to a project or program that is no longer active. As of 01/01/2014, this page is no longer actively maintained by Washington County. It is retained for historical reference only.


Bonny Slope West, formerly known as Area 93, became part of Washington County on January 1, 2014. This approximately 160-acre unincorporated community was previously under the jurisdiction of Multnomah County (click here for history of planning and the transfer effort) which had crafted an earlier concept plan that was not implemented. Washington County began planning efforts soon after the transfer with the intent to leverage the earlier Multnomah County process. 

The area is characterized by natural resources and low density development. The planning effort will build upon these community assets. Working with property owners, residents, and the development community, the project team will develop an Area 93 Community Plan that balances the needs of stakeholders and meets state, regional, and county development standards. 

The project's goal is to complete the Bonny Slope West Community Plan in 2015, which will include presenting the plan to the Washington County Planning Commission and the Washington County Board of Commissioners in the fall. 

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Infrastructure Funding Overview Fact Sheet 

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