Bonny Slope West Infrastructure Funding Plan


UPDATE: The Bonny Slope West Infrastructure Funding Plan was approved by the Board of Commissioners in a 4-1 vote on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

In early 2014, Washington County staff began the planning work to prepare Bonny Slope West (Area 93) for urbanization. A Bonny Slope West Community Plan (a subarea of the existing Cedar Hills-Cedar Mill community to the south) has been developed with the assistance of a team of professional consultants, a Technical Advisory Committee of service providers, and broad community input. The area, which is planned for residential development, will also include park(s) and significant natural resource areas along the creek corridors.

The community plan includes the identification of infrastructure needed to support new development in the area. Regional requirements (Metro Title 11 Functional Plan) state that community plans for areas added to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) shall include "…provision for the financing of local and state public facilities and services." As part of the planning for Bonny Slope West, Washington County hired ECONorthwest to produce an Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) to address this Metro requirement.

This Bonny Slope West IFP provides a framework for the provision and funding of the various types of capital facilities necessary to serve the numbers of homes expected in the Bonny Slope West community. It includes the following types of infrastructure: Water, Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater, Parks, Transportation, and Schools.

Infrastructure Funding Plan & Fact Sheets

Board Staff Report to Adopt an Infrastructure Funding Plan - October 6, 2015 

Bonny Slope West Infrastructure Funding Plan Resolution & Order (including map & legal description)

Bonny Slope West Infrastructure Funding Plan

Bonny Slope West Cost Estimate Technical Memorandum

Bonny Slope West - Infrastructure Funding Overview Fact Sheet

Bonny Slope West - Transportation Concerns Fact Sheet

Bonny Slope West Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC)

The Washington County Board of Commissioners (Board) unanimously adopted the Bonny Slope West Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. The TSDC took effect immediately upon adoption.

Taking effect immediately upon adoption, the TSDC charges development within the affected area for certain transportation capital improvements and is payable at the time of building permit application. Remodeling or replacement of existing structures, except to the extent that the remodeling or replacement creates additional demands on the transportation system, is exempt. The TSDC is charged in addition to the existing Transportation Development Tax (TDT)Methodology and rate schedule for the TSDC is available in the Bonny Slope West System Development Charge Methodology Report.

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For more information

Direct questions about the Bonny Slope West TSDC to Senior Transportation Planner Steve Kelley at 503-846-3519.