FAQ - Bethany


How will the new development needs and impacts be paid for?

A. Preparing formerly rural land for urban development requires an investment in urban infrastructure improvements in order to adequately provide urban services. In addition, there will be impacts to existing infrastructure (such as roads) caused by future residents of North Bethany. Planning for new urban areas at this scale is unprecedented in Washington County, and the current structure to pay for new growth needs is designed to address incremental improvements. For North Bethany, a new approach is necessary. The planning work is being coordinated with a team of financial consultants to develop a funding plan that will address necessary costs. The Board of Commissioners has said they will only consider a land use plan for North Bethany if it comes with a companion funding plan for their consideration.

Is "North Bethany" different than "Bethany'?

A. Since the subject 800-acre area of land located north of Bethany was brought into the Metro Urban Growth Boundary in 2002, it has been commonly referred to as North Bethany as a way to distinguish it from the already developed urban area. Ultimately, the comprehensive plan for North Bethany will be integrated with the county's existing Bethany Community Plan. While the comprehensive plan update will respond primarily to the new expansion area, the planning effort will take a comprehensive look at the larger vicinity. The planning vision is for North Bethany to be integrated with the existing Bethany Community.

When can construction of urban development start?

A. Urban scale development may begin after the Board of County Commissioners adopts ordinances reflecting changes to the Washington County Comprehensive Plan, and after the Board comes to agreement on infrastructure financing. The county anticipates adoption in the fall of 2010, at which time property owners may submit development applications.

Why do we conduct concept and comprehensive/community planning?

A. 1. To meet various applicable state, regional, county and community planning objectives.
2. To identify necessary urban infrastructure requirements, and
3. To ensure that provisions for such infrastructure to serve the greater North Bethany area are fully in place before development begins.