Public Input

Every Voice Needs To Be Heard! 

The Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan was a three-year effort to identify approaches to enhance the community's "livability". Land use, housing, transportation and economic conditions will be evaluated. Community aspirations played a vital role in discussions about where you want to go and how you can get there.

This effort intended to provide an open, transparent and equitable approach by giving everyone a chance to help shape the future. Every one of the 4,500+ comments received is reviewed and entered into the record. Comments were categorized by topic and whether 
it's considered an issue or a benefit. You are welcome to review comments received to date.
Public comments received through June, 2013 are available for your review.

Want to see your community's response to the March Community Options Surveys?

Throughout March, the project team conducted a series of keypad polling events and hosted an online survey (keypad polling and surveys also were provided in Spanish.) More than 270 of you expressed your opinions.

The summary of all the responses includes a preliminary keypad polling exercise conducted with your Citizen Advisory Committee and includes the study area's Census demographics as a reference.

A second summary looks at the responses based on demographics. Both summaries provide the project team with much additional information to move forward and begin drafting specific actions. Those actions intend to address many of the issues you've identified in the community over the last two years. Look forward to seeing the actions in the next few weeks.

The study is wrapping up with development of the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan report, plans & strategies, and summaries of public input.

Comments continue to be welcome using the form below, however suggestions will be carried forward into the implementation phase as actions are undertaken by the county or its partners.

Additional opportunities will be available during the Ordinance process as individual actions are provided to the Planning Commission and Washington County Board of Commissioners. A schedule of those meetings will be posted once they are scheduled.