Study Goals and Objectives

Key study goals will include, but are not limited to:

  • Produce a plan for the community that has broad support among the residential and business communities being served and the agencies that provide services.
  • Create a safe and attractive walking and bicycling environment for pedestrians through the improvement of streetscape conditions.
  • Coordinate with Hillsboro’s refinement planning for Tualatin Valley Highway within the TGM grant area to address improvement of the transportation performance of the corridor in order to provide for a balance among all travel modes.
  • Provide a land use basis for optimal mobility and transit service along identified corridors, including consideration of future HCT planning along Tualatin Valley Highway.
  • Capitalize on new commercial and residential development opportunities that will be stimulated by the identified infrastructure projects.
  • Identify viable funding tools and strategies for infrastructure improvements and other property investment incentives.
  • Identify strategies and funding tools to maintain existing affordable housing and increase the supply of affordable housing located in high-opportunity locations in the study area.


Key study objectives will include, but are not limited to:

  • Collect data and work with the community and analysts to better understand issues, needs, opportunities and challenges.
  • Engage with residents to discover and articulate shared values and goals.
  • Determine areas to target for future improvements.
  • Develop strategies for economic improvements, housing, redevelopment, corridors and town centers, and transportation improvements that promote livability and sustainability.
  • Pave the way for development and redevelopment that will lead to new businesses, employment opportunities, and services.
  • Develop strategies to improve, preserve, and increase housing options, including affordable housing providing all residents with access to existing and new amenities.
  • Identify local needs and improvements, create plans to support an attractive and sustainable community, including safe and accessible walking and bicycling options and improved transportation connections. 
  • Develop housing strategies resulting in more affordable housing options (especially in areas with quality transit connections and services.) This project will use intensive outreach efforts to encourage meaningful participation from low-income, minority, and special-needs residents.