Aloha-Reedville Issue Papers | March 2014

Issue Papers

These Issue Papers provide more information on the details. These 30 papers range from a few to several pages and are continually being updated by the project team. These form the basis of the final plans and strategies.


Healthy and Active Living   Neighborhood Quality
 Farmers Markets    Housing Maintenance Code
 Aging In Place    Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
 Parks    Corner Duplexes
     Housing Rehabilitation and Improvement
     Land Trust
Business and Shopping    Street Lighting
 Community Business District- Residential Development Barriers    
 Home Occupations    
 Neighborhood Commercial   Getting Around Safely
 Development Process Improvements   Sidewalk Gaps
 Funding Tools   Pedestrian Crossings
 Urban Renewal   Accessways
 Marking Program/Storefront Improvement Program   Regional Neighborhood Trails
 High Use Commercial Center   Neighborhood Bikeways
 Support Local Business   Transit Service Enhancements
 Land Assembly  
 Retro-fitting Bike Parking    
Major Roads    
Major Streets    
 TV Corridor Planning - South Hillsboro    
 Road Classification Network Changes    
Transit Corridor Standards