Challenges and Opportunities

Since the adoption of the long-range plan in 1995, the region’s population has increased by 200,000 residents. More people, especially young adults, are moving to the region because it is a great place to live, work and play. This rapid growth brings jobs and opportunity, but it also creates new challenges. Our challenge is to serve as good stewards of the region and to build a foundation for fair, responsible growth.

We’re growing faster than anyone expected. New forecasts show that within the next 25 years, about a million more people will live in the five-county Portland metropolitan region. In addition, time has exposed some of the shortcomings in the implementation of the region’s long-range plan, as well as tensions and trade-offs between different objectives. We must make difficult choices if we want our neighborhoods and communities to continue to thrive.

Updating the Region's Long-range Plan

During the next two years, the Metro Council will be working closely with individuals and groups throughout the region to take actions that will shape our future, including:

  • deciding which areas should be designated as urban and rural reserves
  • stimulating innovative development of housing and jobs in regional and town centers, transit corridors, and new communities
  • refining the growth management process so we can achieve our aspirations for developing great communities.