Making the Greatest Place - 2040 Growth Concept

This region is admired across the nation for its innovative approach to planning for the future. Our enviable quality of life can be attributed in no small measure to our stubborn belief in the importance of thinking ahead. One example of this foresight was the Metro Council’s adoption of the 2040 Growth Concept, a long-range plan designed with the participation of thousands of Oregonians in the 1990s.

This innovative blueprint for the future, intended to guide growth and development for the next 50 years, is based on a set of shared values that continue to resonate throughout the region: thriving neighborhoods and communities, abundant economic opportunity, clean air and water, protecting streams and rivers, preserving farms and forestland, access to nature, and a sense of place. These are the reasons people love to live here.

A Vision for the Future

Policies in the region’s long-range plan encourage:

  • safe and stable neighborhoods for families
  • compact development, which uses both land and money more efficiently
  • a healthy economy that generates jobs and business opportunities
  • protection of farms, forests, rivers, streams and natural areas
  • a balanced transportation system to move people and goods
  • housing for people of all incomes in every community.