Public Involvement & Events

Past Events

The Washington County Board of Commissioners continues to take testimony on Ordinance 740 - Supplemental Intergovernmental Agreement.
The Board will continue taking testimony on Ordinance 740 at their hearings April 19, 10 a.m. and April 26, 6:30 p.m. Public testimony will then close. The hearings will be in the auditorium, First and Main Streets, Hillsboro.

Metro will hold their first reading of their ordinance April 14 (there is no opportunity for public testimony at this meeting) and will accept public testimony at their April 21 meeting after which they will vote on their ordinance.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners and Metro will jointly consider adoption of a Supplemental Intergovernmental Agreement .
The Supplemental IGA will be considered for adoption at a Joint Public Hearing, Tuesday March 15, 10 a.m., 155 N. First Avenue, Hillsboro, Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building, auditorium. See the "What's New" page for more information on the IGA.

Public testimony will be accepted at the joint hearing. Public comment may be provided prior to the hearing via email: up to 5 p.m., Friday, March 11. Comments may also be phoned in to: 503 813-7577 (voice messaging) or directly to the Board of Commissioners and Metro Councilors. More information is available from Metro. 

The Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 733 on June 15, 2010. Ordinance 733 places more than 151,600 acres of rural reserves into the county's Comprehensive Plan, protecting those agricultural, forest and natural resource lands from urbanization for the next 50 years. Washington County and Metro signed an inter-governmental agreement (IGA) through which Metro will include approximately 13,800 acres of urban reserve in their regional Growth Management Framework Plan. Metro can draw upon regional reserves of more than 28, 600 acres for future Urban Growth Boundary expansion if there is need.                                                     

Regional Open Houses and Metro Council Public Hearings held in January drew the crowds. In addition to a virtual (online) open house, more than 850 people attended six regional open houses, more than 270 provided oral testimony to the Metro Council and approximately 11,000 visited the online open house. An initial draft Public Comment Report was sent to the Core 4 for review prior to the February 8 Core 4 meeting.

Public Hearings  December 8 and 15.  The Washington County Board of Commissioners held scheduled public hearings and took testimony on the two dates. The second public hearing was followed by discussion among the Commissioners regarding reserves.

Public Hearing  - August 20
A public hearing was held before members of the Washington County Reserves Coordinating Committee (RCC- the county's advisory group.) The hearing provided opportunity for the community to provide official testimony on the urban and rural reserve recommendations  considered by the RCC at their August 10th meeting.

Phase 3 Regional Open Houses
Eight regional open houses were held throughout the month of April. Over 600 attended the open houses, reviewed current information and provided feedback. Through printed questionnaires and an online survey more than 4,000 comments were received – indicating there is increasing interest in the process.

Please read the Phase 3 Public Input Report  and the Public Input Report Addendum 

Washington County Reserves Coordinating Committee - meetings concluded September 15, 2009. Meeting summaries and agendas are posted on the WCRCC page.

Reserves Steering Committee - meetings concluded October 14, 2009.