WBM Decision Making Process

Notice: This page refers to a project or program that is no longer active. As of 01/01/2014, this page is no longer actively maintained by Washington County. It is retained for historical reference only.

 This page is no longer being maintained or updated by Washington County Land Use & Transportation.

The City of Tigard is responsible that portion of the West Bull Mountain Concept Planning Area located within the Urban Growth Boundary area, now known as River Terrace.
Please contact River Terraceproject manager Susan Shanks with questions or comments at (503) 718-2458  or by e-mail at susans@tigard-or.gov .


The Washington County Board of Commissioners will make policy-level decisions including adoption of a concept plan and approval of key work products.

The Board of Commissioners will be advised by a 12-member Stakeholder Work Group (SWG) and a 18-member Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) as well as a Project Management Team comprised of professional consultants and county staff.

The TAC will generally help the Project Management Team develop and shape material to be presented to the SWG for feedback. Throughout the process, the Project Management Team, with the assistance of the TAC, will construct a framework of options for SWG consideration. The SWG will discuss the options and develop consensus-based recommendations.