WBM Documents & Maps

Notice: This page refers to a project or program that is no longer active. As of 01/01/2014, this page is no longer actively maintained by Washington County. It is retained for historical reference only.

 This page is no longer being maintained or updated by Washington County Land Use & Transportation.

The City of Tigard is responsible that portion of the West Bull Mountain Concept Planning Area located within the Urban Growth Boundary area, now known as River Terrace.
Please contact River Terraceproject manager Susan Shanks with questions or comments at (503) 718-2458  or by e-mail at susans@tigard-or.gov .


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Background & Existing Conditions

West Bull Mountain Background Document 

West Bull Mountain Goals & Principles

Stakeholder Interviews Summary Site Analysis

Report Housing Alternatives Memo

Housing Focus Group Final Report

Hydrology Report

Natural Resources Report

Initial Parks Report

DOGAMI Landslide Hazard Report

Sanitary Sewer Memo

Stormwater Memo

Transportation Assumptions Technical Memo #1

Transportation Assumptions Technical Memo #2

Market Analysis Report - Civic

Market Analysis Report - Commercial

Market Analysis Report - Residential

Task 5 Reports (New- 1/26/10)

DRAFT West Bull Mountain Area Local Wetland Inventory (New- 2/4/10)

Storm Water Infrastructure Plan (New-2/24/10)

Transportation System Analysis (New-3/24/10)

Public Involvement

Newsletter #1 (July 2008) 

Public Involvement Plan

CPO 4B/4K Meeting Summary, July 8, 2008

Coffee Summary, July 17, 2008

Neighborhood Lemonade Summary, July 22, 2008

Community Forum #2 Summary, July 24, 2008

Farm Stand Summary, July 26 & 27, 2008

Design Charrette Summary, June 11 & 12, 2008

Coffee Summary #1, November 20, 2008

Coffee Summary #2, November 20, 2008

Coffee Summary, December 1, 2008

Coffee Summary, December 4, 2008

Community Forum #3 Summary, December 9, 2008

Community Coffee Summary, March 10, 2009

Community Coffee Summary - Meyers Farm, June 9, 2010 


Preferred DRAFT Concept Plan Map (Alternative "A")

DRAFT Alternative "B" Map

DRAFT Alternative "C" Map

DRAFT Potential Community Park Locations Map

DRAFT Potential Parks and Centers Map

DRAFT Potential Pedestrian Paths Map