Flashing Yellow Arrows


How Flashing Yellow Arrows Work


Left Turn SignalWhen the flashing yellow arrow is displayed, left turns are allowed but drivers and bicyclists must wait behind the stop bar/crosswalk while watching for an appropriate gap in traffic. Drivers and bicyclists will then need to yield to oncoming motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians before making the left turn.
Waiting behind the stop bar/crosswalk during a flashing yellow arrow interval will also ensure that your vehicle or bicycle is detected by the signal’s sensor equipment, which will provide a protected green arrow at the end of the cycle or at the start of the next cycle in case a gap in traffic never becomes available.

Motorists and bicyclists should not wait in the intersection for the traffic gap, as that is considered obstructing cross traffic which is a citable traffic offense (ORS 811.290).


A solid red arrow means STOP. Drivers turning left must STOP.*


A solid yellow arrow means stop if it is safe to do so.


Flashing yellow A flashing yellow arrow means turns are permitted, but you must first yield to oncoming traffic, bicycles and pedestrians and then proceed with caution.

A solid green arrow means turn left. Oncoming traffic must stop. Do not go straight.


*Except where allowed by law. Oregon Driver Manual for more information