Work Zone Awareness

Orange is your clue to slow down and pay attention....the life you save may be your own!

With an average of three deaths and 160 injuries a day, work zones on U.S. roadways are increasingly dangerous places, both for workers and for those traveling through them.

The majority of people injured or killed in work zone crashes are actually drivers and their passengers.

Road construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. The risk of death is seven times higher for road workers than for an average worker.

SlowDownWorkZoneThe single biggest factor in work zone related crashes is driver inattention. Couple this with speeding and you have the ingredients for a serious, potentially fatal, traffic crash within a work zone. 

Here's where you can help. As you drive through work zones, model the behavior you'd like others to follow. Inform your family and friends about work zone safety and urge them to slow down and pay attention when they see orange signs.

Remember, while it may look like traffic is held up for no good reason, the flagger is aware of many work zone issues that may not be visible to you. Heavy equipment may be entering and leaving the project area, live power lines may be exposed, work may be occurring underground, pedestrians or bicycles may be present, etc. Please be patient and follow the flagger's directions.

Washington County takes work zone safety seriously. County crews are trained and certified in traffic control standards and in the most effective use of signs, cones, barricades, barrels, and flaggers to safely guide traffic through roadwork.

Thanks for helping us improve and maintain Washington County's roadway system in a safe manner!


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