Fun Facts

The Roads and Bridges of Washington County


- Our transportation infrastructure is as diverse as our land use. We maintain 100-foot wide concrete arterial roads used by 50,000 vehicles each day, 16-foot wide gravel roads used by 50 vehicles per day, and everything in between.

- Washington County takes care of about 1,300 miles of roadway, almost 200 bridges, and over 3,000 culverts.

- We manage the traffic signals at over 400 intersections, we administer over 300 speed zones, and make sure regulatory signs are maintained.

- Timbuktu and Snooseville Corner are real places in Washington County.

- We've built bridges with styrofoam.

- The new River Road bridge in Hillsboro has the longest precast/prestressed non-segmental bridge beams in Oregon.

- All the culverts in Washington County's roadway system when laid end to end would stretch from Wilsonville to Banks.