Traffic Safety Topics

Ask a Traffic Safety Question

Ask a question about traffic safety in Washington County

Back To School

Information about driving during the school year

Cell Phone Driving Laws

Laws about using cell phones while driving

Confused About Using a Booster Seat? Don't Be.

Article about using a booster seat

Contact Us

Contact information for programs affiliated with promoting traffic safety.

Distracted Driving

Topics related to driving while distracted

Driving Diminishes Listening

Information about distracted driving

Driving Gravel Roads

Information about driving gravel roads

Driving Manuals

link to Oregon Driving Manuals

Driving Roundabouts

information about how to drive a roundabout

Driving Safety Links

Driving safety resource links

Driving Safety Topics

Topics related to Driving Safety

Driving Safety Videos

Videos related to Driving Safety

Encouraging Safe Driving for Teens

Article about Encouraging Safe Driving for Teens

Flashing Yellow Arrows

Understanding how Flashing Yellow Arrows work

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Washington County

Impaired Driving Topics

Topics about impaired driving

ODOT Crosswalk Brochure  

ODOT's Crosswalk Brochure explaining Oregon's crosswalk laws

ORS 811 Rules of the Road

Oregon Revised Statutes - Chapter 811 Rules of the Road for Drivers

Oregon Traffic Laws

Traffic Safety Laws in Oregon

Oregon law prohibits use of cell phones and text messaging by teen drivers.

Information about the Oregon law prohibiting use of cell phones and text messaging by teen drivers.

Passenger Safety Topics

Topics related to safety for passengers

Pedestrian Safety - ODOT

ODOT's Pedestrian Safety Website

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Drivers

Information for drivers about pedestrian safety

Pedestrian Visibility

Information about being a visible pedestrian for drivers.

School Zones and Back to School

Information about driving during the school year

Seatbelts and Car Seats

Information about seatbelts and car seats

Share the Road

Sharing the road begins with the understanding that drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians have the same rights to safe travel opportunities. Awareness of safety challenges for all modes of travel can improve safety.

Share the Road - Oregon Laws

Oregon laws related to sharing the road with vulnerable users (bikes, peds, farm equipment etc.)

Sharing the Road With Farm Equipment

Tips for Sharing the Road With Farm Equipment

Sharing the Road with Mass Transit

safe driving and riding around trains, and buses

Sharing the Road: Cyclists and Motorists

Information for drivers and cyclists for Sharing the Road with cars and bicycles

Stepping Out - NHTSA

Stepping Out - Mature Adults: Be Healthy, Walk Safely - NHTSA Website

Stopping for School Buses

Laws about driving near school buses

Teen Driving

Information about teen driving in Washington County

Traffic Safety Videos

Videos about Traffic Safety

Traffic Signal Preemption

Information about Traffic Signal Preemption devices

Traffic Signals

Information about Traffic Signals

Walking and Biking to School

Tips for walking and biking to School

Washington County Roads Links

Links related to Washington County Roads

Where Is the Safest Place to Ride?

Article about where Is the Safest Place to Ride

Winter Bicycling Tips

Tips for Bicycling in Winter

Winter Driving

Information about driving in winter weather conditions

Winter Walking Tips

Tips for walking in Winter weather

Winter Weather Safety Topics

Information on commuting safely during Winter weather

Winter Weather Transit Riding Tips

Tips for riding mass transit in the winter time

Work Zone Awareness

Information about navigating through a work zone