Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP)


Traffic Safety - Crash 2

Transportation-related crashes account for more than 30,000 deaths nationwide and are considered a leading cause of death in the U.S.  To

mitigate these statistics, Washington County is en

gaging in an ongoing process to address the issue proactively, beginning with the development of a Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP).

The TSAP documents the current state of transportation safety in the County, outlines potential strategies to address transportation safety issues and identifies ways to implement these strategies. While the aim is to reduce the number of crashes overall, the focus of the action plan is to develop strategies that will reduce severe injuries (where the victim's normal life functions are severely impacted) and fatalities. 

The TSAP employs the "4 E's" - Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency Response.

TSAP Advisory Committee

An advisory committee with representatives from multiple agencies and affiliations worked collaboratively to develop the Traffic Safety Action Plan, providing input from a variety of perspectives. Committee members represented law enforcement and emergency responders, transportation planners, traffic analysts, bicycle and pedestrian transportation groups, school districts, public transportation agencies, federal and state transportation agencies and others.