Gain Share funding

LUT Gain Share Funding



What is "Gain Share"?
Gain Share funds are a share of the state income tax revenues generated from the creation of jobs related to Strategic Investment Program (SIP) agreements.

What is SIP?
Adopted in 1993 by the Oregon Legislature, the Strategic Investment Program was created to attract job-producing companies by allowing local governments to negotiate alternative taxing agreements with businesses that agree to invest at least $100 million in an urban area or $25 million in a rural area in Oregon.

Why was the "Gain Share" program created?
In 2007, the Oregon Legislature adopted "Gain Share," which grants local governments involved in SIP agreements a share of the personal income tax revenue created by SIP-related jobs.The 2015 Legislature capped this shared amount at $16 million annually for any participating county.

How are Gain Share funds spent?
Gain Share funds are allocated as part of the discretionary decision-making of the Board of County Commissioners. The Board has chosen to focus most of these funds on one-time projects and not ongoing services. These one-time projects include capital projects such as transportation-system improvements. In 2016, the Board committed Gain Share dollars totaling $2 million per year for 10 years for bicycle and pedestrian Gain Share School Access Improvement Projects. The Gain Share funding will be used to leverage other funding sources throughout the 10-year program. 

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