Higher safety, lower cost

Maintaining Roads helps keep you safe and saves you money

Safety is always our number one priority.  In addition to contributing to safety, road maintenance also contributes to cost savings. Taking care of our roads today keeps costs down tomorrow.

What is the cost of SAFETY?

Washington County has 135 deficient bridges and culverts. The cost of making them safe? $126 million

Improving safety and saving money

In addition to keeping roads safe, every dollar spent on preventive maintenance now can save $5 to $10 in the future.

Pavement condition pie charts


Pavement condition also affects road safety. Without additional funding, the condition of County roads will continue to decline. Maintaining our roads at current "good" level will require expenditures of more than $45 million over the next 10 years. To improve road safetyby our roads into the "excellent" category, an additional $30 million will be needed - that's a total of  nearly $75 million by 2026.

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 Needs Summary

  • Bridge and culvert safety:     $126 million
  • Road pavement safety:          $75 million

Total need:  $201 million