MSTIP 3d and 3e Opportunity Fund Allocation Summary

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MSTIP Opportunity Fund Leveraged Funding Sources
Type of MSTIP Opportunity Fund Projects

The MSTIP Opportunity Fund is flexible and can be applied to different projects and activities including (but not limited to) bicycle, pedestrian, transit and travel demand management projects. The following are the Guiding Principles endorsed by the Washington County Coordinating Committee (WCCC) in September 2012:

  • Direct participation in the program is limited to the county and cities, but other entities (such as park district, transit agencies and non-profits) can partner with city or county "sponsor."

  • Use as minimum match to leverage federal, state and other funding opportunities as they arise.

  • Allocate no more than $1.5 million per year.

  • Consider opportunities to enhance and/or include innovative design with the intent of constructing a “signature” project.
  • Consider the amount of local match when considering and soliciting projects.
  • Illustrate project benefits to the countywide transportation system.
  • Improve transportation mobility.
  • Consider geographic equity.

By the numbers:

  • $7.5 million in Opportunity Funds leveraged over $43 million in external funding.
  • For every Opportunity Fund dollar, almost $6 is captured from local, regional, state, federal an dprivate sources..
  • 57 requests have been approved since for MSTIP Opportunity Funds since December 2012; 56 of which were submitted for grant funding. 
  • 28 of 49 projects have received grant funding,  a 57% success rate.
  • About 25% of funded projects are for multi-use trail planning and construction.
  • More than 20% of funded projects add sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings and other safety improvements.

MSTIP Opportunity Fund project list