158th Avenue (Walker to Merlo Station)

Project Description

158th Avenue is a heavily used north/south arterial that provides access between rapidly expanding residential and commercial areas. The road has experienced an increase in traffic over the years (currently carrying almost 23,000 vehicles a day), which is anticipated to continue to grow.

This project will widen 158th Avenue between Walker Road to just south of Jenkins Road to five travel lanes (two lanes in each direction with a center lane).  

Additional improvements will include consistent bicycle and pedestrian facilities, street lighting, landscaping, and storm drainage upgrades.

Community Participation Organization CPO 1, CPO 6 and CPO 7
Commissioner District 2


Funding Information

The $8.1 million project is funded through the County's Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP). Cost includes the estimated cost of design, right-of-way, and construction and is subject to change.


Media Release

Meet the contractor open house, March 14