170th Avenue and Farmington Road Intersection

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170th Avenue and Farmington Road Intersection

Farmington Road and River Road intersection map


170th Avenue and Farmington Road meet at an unsual angle, creating a long walk for pedestrians crossing the intersection. We will build two pedestrian islands, one on the northeast corner and one on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Other improvements include:

  • Creating shorter crosswalks
  • Building ADA-compliant ramps
  • Installing pedestrian crossings with push buttons
  • Upgrading traffic signal reflectors and software

Construction start: June 1, 2021
Construction finish (expected): Sept. 30, 2021

Update 10/13/2021: Construction is significantly complete.

Contact: Capital Project Services, Land Use & Transportation, 503-846-7800



Prior events and comment opportunities

Online construction kickoff April 23-May 16, 2021


Online open house Jan. 15-31, 2021