Curb Ramp Replacement

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Current ADA ramp replacement projects coincide with recent or upcoming paving projects. Visit the ADA Ramp Replacement Map for a visual guide to the ramps being replaced.


Sidewalk closures and intermittent lane closures between 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. weekdays.

Check for other traffic impacts.

Contact: Capital Project Services, Land Use & Transportation, 503-846-7800







Baseline Road and 185th Avenue south

  • Baseline Road and 194th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 195th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 197th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and Lisa Drive/Willow Creek Drive
  • Baseline Road and private drive west of 185th Avenue
  • 185th Avenue and Hawkeye Lane
  • 185th Avenue and Rosa Road
  • 185th Avenue and Springfield Street

Construction start: January 2021
Construction finish (expected): March 2022


Farmington Road (Murray Boulevard to Kinnaman Road)
Construction start (expected): December 2021
Construction finish (expected): July 2022


Farmington Road (198th to 209th avenues)
Construction start (expected): April 2022
Construction finish (expected): August 2022


Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Queen Anne Lane)
Construction start: December 2021
Construction finish (expected): June 2022

Roshak Road (Snapdragon Lane to Oneill Court)
Construction start: December 2021
Construction finish (expected): June 2022