ADA Ramp Replacements

ADA Ramp iconCurrent ADA ramp replacement projects coincide with recent or upcoming paving projects. Email the project team with questions or comments.

Construction will require sidewalk closures and intermittent lane closures between 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. weekdays.

Check for other traffic impacts.

ADA Replacement Map image


Visit the ADA Ramp Replacement Map for a visual guide to the ramps being replaced.



Current ADA Ramp Replacement Projects:

185th Avenue (Evergreen Parkway to McKinley Elementary)
209th Avenue (Deline Street to Farmington Road)

Construction Feb. 3-Aug. 10, 2020

143rd Avenue (Cornell Road to Thompson/West Union Road)
Science Park Drive (at Cornell Road and Murray Boulevard)

Construction: Aug. 31-Dec. 30, 2020

2019 URMD Central Package B
Construction expected September 2020-January 2021 tentative

  • Barrington Terrace and Westminster Drive
  • Peachtree Drive and Beef Bend Road
  • Peachtree Drive and Blue Spruce court
  • Peachtree Drive and Willow Top Lane
  • Peachtree Drive and Mapleview Lane
  • Peachtree Drive and Wrightwood Court
  • Surrey Court and 149th Avenue
  • 149th Avenue and Downing Court

Government Buildings
Construction: January-June 2021 tentative

  • 1st Avenue and Jackson Road
  • 1st Avenue and Lincoln Street
  • 1st Avenue and Main Street
  • 1st Avenue and Washington Street
  • Bethany Boulevard and Laidlaw Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Central Drive
  • Central Drive and 153rd Terrace
  • Cornell Road and 25th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and 28th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and 34th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and Brookwood Parkway
  • Millikan Way and Murray Boulevard
  • South Parc Street and Bethany Boulevard
  • South Parc Street and Chanticleer Drive
  • South Parc Street and 153rd Terrace
  • Veterans Drive and Brookwood Parkway

Bethany Boulevard and West Union Road
Construction September-February 2021

  • Bethany Boulevard and Kaiser Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Laidlaw Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Claremont Drive/Mitchell Street
  • Bethany Boulevard and St. Andrews Drive
  • West Union Road and Cornelius Pass Road
  • West Union Road and Mauzey Court
  • West Union Road and Century Drive/Dick Road
  • Quatama Street and 209th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and 84th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and 79th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and Cornelius Pass Road

Baseline Road and 185th Avenue south
Construction: Summer 2021 tentative

  • Baseline Road and 194th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 195th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 197th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and Lisa Drive/Willow Creek Drive
  • Baseline Road and private drive west of 185th Avenue
  • 185th Avenue and Hawkeye Lane
  • 185th Avenue and Rosa Road
  • 185th Avenue and Springfield Street

Cornell Road and 185th Avenue north
Construction: Summer 2021 tentative

  • Cornell Road, between Cornelius Pass Road and Ray Circle
  • Cornell Road, between Elam Young Parkway East and Elam Young Parkway West
  • Cornell Road, between Bronson Road and Rock Creek Boulevard


Farmington Road (Murray Boulevard to Kinnaman Road)
Construction: March-July 2021 tentative


Davis Road (160th-165th avenues) and Kinnaman Road (180th-185th avenues)
Construction: March-July 2021 tentative


Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Queen Anne Lane)
Roshak Road (Snapdragon Lane to Oneill Court)

Construction December 2020-April 2021 tentative


Beef Bend Road (150th Avenue to Prince Albert Street)
Construction November 2020-March 2021 tentative


Joss Road (Brugger to Springville roads)
Construction: March-July 2022 tentative


Farmington Road (198th to 209th avenues)
Construction: March-July 2022 tentative


Completed ADA Ramp Replacement Projects:


ADA Ramps: Washington County URMD West
Construction Nov. 11, 2019-Feb. 7, 2020 Completed

  • 175th Avenue and Althea Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Chris Street
  • 175th Avenue and Meadowbrook Way
  • 175th Avenue and Robert Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Roger Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Vincent Street
  • 175th Avenue and Washington Drive
  • 175th Avenue and Winona Lane
  • 202nd Place and Skiver Street
  • 204th Avenue and private drive
  • 204th Avenue and Quarry Road
  • 206th Avenue and Rosa Road
  • 211th Avenue and Cloverdale Way
  • 211th Avenue and Jay Street
  • 211th Avenue and Rock Road
  • 211th Avenue and Winterfield Lane
  • 214th Place and Augusta Street
  • Alexander Street and 211th Avenue
  • Alexander Street and 209th Avenue
  • Butternut Cul de Sac and Butternut Lane
  • Madeline Place and 204th Avenue
  • Naples Street and Eggert Way
  • Naples Street and Stoddard Way
  • Prospect Street and Prospect Lane
  • Prospect Lane and Prospect Court
  • Prospect Lane and 196th Avenue
  • Red Oak Lane and Hoffert Place
  • Red Oak Lane and 196th Avenue
  • Walquin Street and 200th Place

ADA Ramps: Washington County URMD East
Construction Oct. 9, 2019-Feb. 28, 2020 Completed

  • 82nd Avenue and Spruce Street
  • 103rd Avenue and Kennedy Street
  • 103rd Avenue and midblock ramp
  • Barnes Road and Burnside Road
  • Barnes Road and 67th Place
  • Birch Street and 83rd Place
  • Butner Road and Delmont Avenue
  • Delmont Avenue and Lanewood Street
  • Foothill Drive and Alcott Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Hilldale Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Huntington Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Hillcroft Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Lynnvale Drive
  • Foothill Drive and Cedar Hills Boulevard
  • Lee Street and Flotoma Drive
  • Lynnvale Drive and Parkwood Drive
  • Moonshadow and Alden Street
  • Moonshadow and Ashdale Drive
  • Moonshadow and 67th Avenue
  • Washington Drive and Hall Boulevard
  • Washington Drive and 101st Avenue
  • 9940 SW Washington Street (driveway)
  • Washington Street and 102nd Avenue
  • Washington Street and 104th Avenue

Washington County URMD Central Package A
Construction Jan. 30, 2019-May 31, 2020 Completed

  • 107th Avenue and Adele Drive
  • 107th Avenue and Flotoma Drive
  • 107th Avenue and Lee Street
  • 160th Avenue and Lori Way (north)
  • 160th Avenue and Lori Way (south)
  • 160th Avenue and Rigert Road
  • 160th Avenue and Sexton Mountain Drive
  • 174th Avenue and Blanton Street
  • 174th Avenue and Shaw Street
  • Filbert Street and Murray Road
  • Filbert Street and Saltzman Road
  • Florence Street and 170th Avenue
  • Florence Street and Cambridge Drive
  • Lovejoy Street and 122nd Avenue
  • Pioneer Road and Heritage Loop