ADA Ramp Replacements

ADA Ramp Replacements map 2020

Cornell Road and 185th Avenue north
Construction: July 12-Dec. 15, 2021 tentative

  • 185th Avenue and Rock Creek Boulevard-Park View Boulevard
  • Cornell Road, between Bulter Road and Elam Young Parkway West


Davis Road (160th-165th avenues) and Kinnaman Road (180th-185th avenues)
Construction: April 29-Sept. 30, 2021


Joss Road (Brugger to Springville roads)
Construction: April 26-July 30, 2021


Baseline Road and 185th Avenue south
Construction: July-October 2021 tentative

  • Baseline Road and 194th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 195th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and 197th Avenue
  • Baseline Road and Lisa Drive/Willow Creek Drive
  • Baseline Road and private drive west of 185th Avenue
  • 185th Avenue and Hawkeye Lane
  • 185th Avenue and Rosa Road
  • 185th Avenue and Springfield Street

Government Buildings
Construction: September-December 2021 tentative

  • 1st Avenue and Jackson Road
  • 1st Avenue and Lincoln Street
  • 1st Avenue and Main Street
  • 1st Avenue and Washington Street
  • Bethany Boulevard and Laidlaw Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Central Drive
  • Central Drive and 153rd Terrace
  • Cornell Road and 25th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and 28th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and 34th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and Brookwood Parkway
  • Millikan Way and Murray Boulevard
  • South Parc Street and Bethany Boulevard
  • South Parc Street and Chanticleer Drive
  • South Parc Street and 153rd Terrace
  • Veterans Drive and Brookwood Parkway

Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Queen Anne Lane)
Roshak Road (Snapdragon Lane to Oneill Court)

Construction February-June 2022 tentative


Farmington Road (Murray Boulevard to Kinnaman Road)
Construction: March-July 2022 tentative


Farmington Road (198th to 209th avenues)
Construction: March-August 2022 tentative


Completed ADA Ramp Replacement Projects:


ADA Ramps: Washington County URMD West
Construction Nov. 11, 2019-Feb. 7, 2020 Completed

  • 175th Avenue and Althea Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Chris Street
  • 175th Avenue and Meadowbrook Way
  • 175th Avenue and Robert Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Roger Lane
  • 175th Avenue and Vincent Street
  • 175th Avenue and Washington Drive
  • 175th Avenue and Winona Lane
  • 202nd Place and Skiver Street
  • 204th Avenue and private drive
  • 204th Avenue and Quarry Road
  • 206th Avenue and Rosa Road
  • 211th Avenue and Cloverdale Way
  • 211th Avenue and Jay Street
  • 211th Avenue and Rock Road
  • 211th Avenue and Winterfield Lane
  • 214th Place and Augusta Street
  • Alexander Street and 211th Avenue
  • Alexander Street and 209th Avenue
  • Butternut Cul de Sac and Butternut Lane
  • Madeline Place and 204th Avenue
  • Naples Street and Eggert Way
  • Naples Street and Stoddard Way
  • Prospect Street and Prospect Lane
  • Prospect Lane and Prospect Court
  • Prospect Lane and 196th Avenue
  • Red Oak Lane and Hoffert Place
  • Red Oak Lane and 196th Avenue
  • Walquin Street and 200th Place

ADA Ramps: Washington County URMD East
Construction Oct. 9, 2019-Feb. 28, 2020 Completed

  • 82nd Avenue and Spruce Street
  • 103rd Avenue and Kennedy Street
  • 103rd Avenue and midblock ramp
  • Barnes Road and Burnside Road
  • Barnes Road and 67th Place
  • Birch Street and 83rd Place
  • Butner Road and Delmont Avenue
  • Delmont Avenue and Lanewood Street
  • Foothill Drive and Alcott Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Hilldale Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Huntington Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Hillcroft Avenue
  • Foothill Drive and Lynnvale Drive
  • Foothill Drive and Cedar Hills Boulevard
  • Lee Street and Flotoma Drive
  • Lynnvale Drive and Parkwood Drive
  • Moonshadow and Alden Street
  • Moonshadow and Ashdale Drive
  • Moonshadow and 67th Avenue
  • Washington Drive and Hall Boulevard
  • Washington Drive and 101st Avenue
  • 9940 SW Washington Street (driveway)
  • Washington Street and 102nd Avenue
  • Washington Street and 104th Avenue

Washington County URMD Central Package A
Construction Jan. 30, 2019-May 31, 2020 Completed

  • 107th Avenue and Adele Drive
  • 107th Avenue and Flotoma Drive
  • 107th Avenue and Lee Street
  • 160th Avenue and Lori Way (north)
  • 160th Avenue and Lori Way (south)
  • 160th Avenue and Rigert Road
  • 160th Avenue and Sexton Mountain Drive
  • 174th Avenue and Blanton Street
  • 174th Avenue and Shaw Street
  • Filbert Street and Murray Road
  • Filbert Street and Saltzman Road
  • Florence Street and 170th Avenue
  • Florence Street and Cambridge Drive
  • Lovejoy Street and 122nd Avenue
  • Pioneer Road and Heritage Loop

185th Avenue (Evergreen Parkway to McKinley Elementary)
209th Avenue (Deline Street to Farmington Road)

Construction Feb. 3-Aug. 10, 2020 Completed

143rd Avenue (Cornell Road to Thompson/West Union Road)
Science Park Drive (at Cornell Road and Murray Boulevard)

Construction: Aug. 31-Dec. 30, 2020 Completed

2019 URMD Central Package B
Construction Nov. 2, 2020-Jan. 29, 2021

  • Barrington Terrace and Westminster Drive
  • Peachtree Drive and Beef Bend Road
  • Peachtree Drive and Blue Spruce court
  • Peachtree Drive and Willow Top Lane
  • Peachtree Drive and Mapleview Lane
  • Peachtree Drive and Wrightwood Court
  • Surrey Court and 149th Avenue
  • 149th Avenue and Downing Court

Bethany Boulevard and West Union Road
Construction Oct. 12, 2020-March 12, 2021

  • Bethany Boulevard and Kaiser Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Laidlaw Road
  • Bethany Boulevard and Claremont Drive/Mitchell Street
  • Bethany Boulevard and St. Andrews Drive
  • Cornell Road and Science Park Drive
  • West Union Road and Cornelius Pass Road
  • West Union Road and Mauzey Court
  • West Union Road and Century Drive/Dick Road
  • Quatama Street and 209th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and 84th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and 79th Avenue
  • Quatama Street and Cornelius Pass Road

Beef Bend Road (116th Avenue to 150th Avenue)
Construction March 15-June 18, 2021