Augusta Lane Pedestrian Bridge Project


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We are building a pedestrian bridge between two segments of Augusta Lane that are separated by Beaverton Creek.

The bridge will create a direct walking and biking route to Beaver Acres Elementary School and nearby parks. Students previously travelled up to an additional 1.5 miles along busy roads to reach the school.

The bridge is also part of the Beaverton Creek regional trail system.

This project is being built with the August Lane (FY 2016-17 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement) Project.

Construction start: January 2021
Construction finish: 10/14/2021



Update 10/14/2021: Construction is complete.

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Contact: Capital Project Services, Land Use & Transportation, 503-846-7800



Prior events and comment opportunities

Construction kickoff Jan 22-31, 2021:


Open house April 6-26, 2020: