Basalt Creek Parkway Extension (Grahams Ferry Road to Boones Ferry Road)


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Basalt Creek Parkway Extension

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Basalt Creek Parkway is a new road in the Basalt Creek Planning Area, an 850-acre area between the cities of Tualatin and Wilsonville identified for future development. Basalt Creek Parkway, between Tonquin and Grahams Ferry roads, opened in 2017. 

We are designing a Basalt Creek Parkway extension between Grahams Ferry and Boones Ferry roads. Basalt Creek Parkway will be a five-lane road with bicycle and pedestrian facilities, drainage and street lighting. The project includes a bridge across Sealy Ditch and a new signalized intersection at Boones Ferry Road.

Design start: Winter 2020
Design finish (expected): Spring 2022
Construction: Dependent on funding

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Update 1/14/2022: The newly available ESA Determination of No Effect memo indicates that we have no species or cricital habitat listed in the Federal Endangered Species Act within the project impact area. An updated schedule is also available.

Contact: Capital Project Services, Land Use & Transportation, 503-846-7800

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Biological Resources Report summary 

No plant or animal species protected under the Endangered Species Act were found in the project area. In-water work will be restricted to July 15-Oct. 30 to limit impacts to fish. We are required to mitigate any impacts to wetlands and waters. We will replace trees and shrubs removed during construction with at least as many plants of native species. We will add about three acres of native seeds next to the roadway. 

The project area has many invasive species. We have been advised to clean plant material from equipment and limit the amount of land disturbed to reduce the spread. About four acres of treatment for weed control is expected. Full biological resources report


Endangered Species Act Determiniation of No Effect

No state or federally listed endagered species or critical habitats were found in the area of potential impact for the Basalt Creek Parkway Extension project. Determination of No Effect memo


Noise Report summary 

This report looks at the noise impacts expected from the road extension. We use this to determine if it is feasible and reasonable to build sound walls. We use Oregon Department of Transportation guidelines. A reasonable cost per property owner is less than $25,000. 

On the north side of the proposed road sound walls would cost about $267,000 per property owner. On the south side of the road it would cost $114,000 per property owner. The cost of sound walls is too high to be reasonable. Sound walls are not recommended on this project. Full noise report


Wetland Delineation Report

The Department of State Lands is reviewing the wetlands delineation report for the Basalt Creek Parkway Extension project. Wetland delineation report


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Updated project timeline: Feb. 19, 2021


Update: October 2020

Open house: Oct. 23, 2019


Open house: June 11, 2019


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