Butner Road Culvert Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will the new box culvert improve fish passage?

A. Yes, the new box culvert is designed to meet Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) standards for fish passage.


Q. How much sidewalk is installed with this project? How can additional sidewalk length be added with this project or another project?

A. This project includes about 210 feet of sidewalk on the north side of Butner Road and about 110 feet of sidewalk on the south side of the road in the vicinity of the culvert.

There are funding limits associated with the scope of the project. This project is primarily intended for culvert replacement and additional sidewalk is outside of the scope of the project.

No additional projects are funded at this time. Sidewalk project requests can be submitted to the URMD Pedestrian and Biking Improvements Program and by emailing Capital Project Services.


Q. Does the project include a crosswalk?

A. Yes, the project includes a crosswalk across Butner Road at the SW 126th Avenue intersection.


Q. Will the increased culvert size positively impact the floodplain in the area?

A. The objective culvert replacement project is to replace an old, deteriorating culvert. As part of the environmental requirements, the new culvert is slightly wider. This may provide some flood relief upto a 25-year-flood event, but is not the objective of the project.


Q. Will this culvert project cause the floodplain to be reevaluated?

A. No, the floodplain will not be reevaluated in response to this project, however the nearby Walker Road/Murray Boulevard Intersection Project will require a flood map revision.