Cornelius Pass Road (Frances to Wilkins)

Cornelius Pass is one of only two main north–south connecting arterial roads in Hillsboro, stretching between U.S. Route 30 and OR Route 9 (Canyon Road). The road was built by Thomas R. Cornelius in the 1800s. The interchange with the Sunset Highway was rebuilt and widened in 1989, and the road widened to five lanes from the freeway to Cornell Road the following year. In 1996, the road was extended southward when 216th and 219th avenues were renamed and realigned at Baseline Road. The interchange at US 26 was revised in 2005 with new on and off ramps extending from Cornelius Pass to the east where a railroad overpass had previously been located.

Cornelius Pass Road handled 11,000 drivers each day. 1,500 of the 11,000 vehicles each day were tractor-trailers on a road designed to handle up to 10,000 vehicles per day. In the last 15 years the population has doubled to 90,000 residents. Current conditions create connectivity issues between the new section and US 26. Additionally, the existing three-lane section is under capacity for the current traffic volumes.

County leaders project traffic will increase by 61 percent between 2000 and 2020. Since Cornelius Pass Road is in the County’s Transportation Plan and it does not meet the County standards, the County and the City of Hillsboro came together to upgrade the mile-long stretch as part of a focus by the county and city to improve north-south arterials in Hillsboro.