Cornelius Pass Road Bridge Over Rock Creek

Project Information

The Cornelius Pass Road bridge over Rock Creek (between Germantown Road and the county line) has narrow lanes and shoulders, making it functionally obsolete for current and future traffic demands. The initial load rating analysis may pose a future weight issue. The structure was constructed in 1946. 

This project will replace the existing 3-span bridge with a wider single-span bridge with two travel lanes and wide shoulders for bicycles and pedestrians. Construction staging and traffic control will be determined during the design phase.


Project Funding

The $4.1 million bridge replacement project is funded through the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) Phase 3d. The total project cost includes the estimated cost of design, right-of-way and construction, and is subject to change.


Community Participation Program CPO 7, CPO 8
Commissioner Districts 2 & 4