Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Pacific Highway)

Current Activity - completed

Activity update 7/25/2017: Paving is postponed, pending a proposed Clean Water Services sewer line project that may require excavation of a portion of Fischer Road. Paving will be scheduled after all work is completed on Fischer Road. Pedestrian and bicycle facilities are expected to be completed Sept. 1.

Activity update 5/1/2017: Construction is nearing completion on Fischer Road after delays due to utility conflicts and unusually wet weather. Curb and sidewalk construction is expected to be completed by May 31. Paving will follow. Parking will not be permitted on Fischer Road at any time.

Activity update 12/16/16: Construction began Dec. 5 and is expected to be completed March 31, 2017.

Activity update 6/17/16: Construction for this project is scheduled to begin in early August. Planned improvements include constructing walkways and bike lanes on both sides of Fischer Road between 131st Avenue and Pacific Highway (Highway 99W). Additional improvements include crosswalk installation at 126th and 131st avenues, a pedestrian crossing signal, improved LED street lights and speed display signage. View the design plan on the "Design" tab.