Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads

Updated Hagg Lake map

Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive make up the perimeter roads around Scoggins Valley Park and Henry Hagg Lake, with widened shoulders for bicyclists and pedestrians. The park is a popular destination in Washington County, experiencing nearly one million visitors annually. The roads around the lake are in need of maintenance due to numerous active landslides, and culverts and a road surface that are reaching the end of their life cycle. 

The projects around Hagg Lake will:

  • Stabilize five active landslides.
  • Improve subsurface drainage at the Stepien Road intersection.
  • Replace five failing culverts on non-fish bearing streams.
  • Replace one failing culvert to provide fish passage.
  • Upgrade the guardrail to current standards.
  • Overlay (pave) Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive, including the widened shoulders.

The work around the lake is scheduled to be carried out in three phases to minimize conflicts with organized events at the park and the busy summer season.

Phase 1 improved the paved section of Scoggins Valley Road between West Shore Drive at the dam and Stepien Road. The work included two landslide mitigation projects, improvement of subsurface drainage at Stepien Road, two culvert replacements including one fish passage culvert, an asphalt overlay, and guardrail upgrades. Construction of the culvert replacements and landslide mitigations were completed in 2015. The guardrail upgrades and asphalt overlay were completed in 2016.

Phase 2 stabilized three active landslides on West Shore Drive;at Hankins Road, south of Sain Creek Road and north of Scott Hill Road. Work included replacing three culverts on nonfish-bearing streams, paving West Shore Drive and upgrading the guardrail. This work is expected to complete in fall 2018.

Construction of Phase 3 is planned to begin in fall 2019 with the landslide mitigation and culvert replacements. The asphalt overlay and guardrail upgrades are anticipated to be completed by the winter 2019.

Cost of these projects is estimated at $20.3 million. The Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) is funding $9.8 million. The remaining $10.5 million cost is shared between the Road Fund (gas taxes) and Washington County Department of Support Services.

The total project cost includes the estimated cost of design and construction and is subject to change.