Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads

Current Activity - construction

Update 9/6/17:

West Shore Drive is closed north of Hankins Road through Dec. 4 for landslide mitigation. This portion of repair and improvements is included in Phase 2 of the Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads project. 

The design for Phase 3, scheduled to being in spring 2018, is nearing completion. It will include stabilizing an active landslide north of Scott Hill Road, replacing three culverts, asphalt overlay and guardrail upgrades.

Update 5/23/17:

Design of the landslide mitigation at Hankins Road is complete. Construction is anticipated to begin this August. West Shore Drive north of Hankins Road will remain open through Labor Day, and then be closed for an extended period of time during construction. A 10-ton weight limit has been placed on this section of road in an attempt to keep one lane open as long as possible.

Design of Phase 3 is nearing completion with construction anticipated to begin in spring 2018.

Update 8/23/16:

Guardrail upgrades and paving work on Scoggins Valley Road is complete and final road striping and hydroseeding will wrap up by end of the week. This completes work planned for Scoggins Valley Road for this year. 

Work on Phase 2 of the Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads project is expected to continue next year with work on West Shore Drive.

Update 8/9/16:

Additional work on guardrail at slides at Milepost 4 and Milepost 7 will extend work on Scoggins Valley Road for two more weeks. Work is now planned to continue through the end of August. Final road striping and hydroseeding will be delayed until after the guardrail work is complete.

Meanwhile, the lane closure on West Shore Drive across Scoggins Dam has been extended one week to Aug. 26. Bureau of Reclamation's seismic testing of Scoggins Dam required the extension.

Update 7/27/16:

Final paving work is wrapping up. Road striping is scheduled for Aug. 10-11. Guardrail upgrades continue through Aug. 12. The overlay paving and guardrail upgrades are the last planned construction activities for Scoggins Valley Road in 2016.

Plans are being developed for work on West Shore Drive. Construction is expected to begin spring 2017 and will include stabilizing multiple landslides, replacing culverts, upgrading guardrails, and overlay paving. The work will be done as a joint effort by Washington County and the Western Federal Lands division of the Federal Highway Administration under the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP).

Update 6/20/16:

Baker Rock Resources returns to work on Scoggins Valley Road this week. Starting Wednesday, they will be finishing the paving of guardrail flares and preparing the road for the upcoming overlay. Paving of Scoggins Valley Road is expected to start the week of June 27 and continue for two weeks.

Bureau of Reclamation's work on the dam continues, maintaining the existing traffic restrictions.

Update 6/10/16:

Scoggins Valley Road gets a break while the contractor waits out wet weather. The plan is to return the week of June 20 to finish paving around the guardrail upgrades (mostly shoulder work). Roadway paving is now scheduled the week of June 27, pending weather.

Meanwhile, Reclamation's seismic testing of Scoggins Dam will restrict traffic across the dam starting June 13.

Update 5/11/16:

Work continues on Scoggins Valley Road with a culvert replacement on May 16. Guardrail upgrades continue. Paving is scheduled June 10 through June 29, with final road striping and cleanup wrapping up mid- to late July. Expect lane closures and daytime delays.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Reclamation's seismic testing of Scoggins Dam will also impact traffic during June. West Shore Drive across the dam will remain open, but only one-way traffic will be allowed.

Update 5/6/16:

Scoggins Valley Road reopened this afternoon. Road striping will be restored at both recent repair locations - the Milepost 4.7 landslide and the West Shore / Stepien intersection - on Tuesday, May 10, which will complete both of these projects.

Update 5/2/16:

Pihl Excavating is on track to complete work at the intersection of Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive / Stepien Road. The road should reopen to traffic on Friday, May 6.

The next phase of work will be the paving of Scoggins Valley Road and adjacent guardrail upgrades. That work is expected to begin mid-May and continue into July. Baker Rock Resources will be doing this work.

Starting May 31, the Bureau of Reclamation's seismic testing of Scoggins Dam will require closure of the southbound lane of West Shore Drive across the dam. To reach West Shore Drive, follow Scoggins Valley Road around the lake perimeter.

Update 4/20/16:

Construction on Scoggins Valley Road at Milepost 4.6 was completed on April 19 and the road was reopened. Road striping will occur later. 

Scoggins Valley Road at West Shore Drive at Stepien will be closed starting Monday, April 25, for drainage improvements. The road is expected to remain closed through May 6 for this work.

Update 4/13/16:

Pihl Excavating is nearing completion on the reconstruction of Scoggins Valley Road at the Milepost 4.6 landslide. Once construction is completed at this location, they will move to the intersection of Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive at Stepien to improve drainage at that location. Scoggins Valley Road will be closed April 25 through May 6 for construction.

Bids were received and Washington County will award a contract to Baker Rock Resources to overlay the paved portion of Scoggins Valley Road along Hagg Lake and upgrade the adjacent guardrail to current design standards. Construction is expected to take place in June and July. The road will remain open, but the work will require lane closures.

Updated 4/7/16:

Pihl Excavating is working on the Milepost 4.6 landslide stabilization. Replacement of the 24-inch culvert and excavation of the road bed is complete. Pihl is reconstructing 5 feet of fill beneath the road surface with a combination of rock and geogrid to bridge the active landslide. Work on this site is expected to finish by April 23.

Updated 3/18/16:

Media release: Scoggins Valley Road to close for six weeks (3/18/16)

Updated 3/11/16:

Construction on the next two Scoggins Valley Road maintenance projects will begin on March 21. 

Starting March 21, Pihl Excavating will begin construction on stabilizing the road at the Milepost 4.6 landslide. Scoggins Valley Road between Deacon Drive and Milepost 4.7 will be closed for 4 weeks starting March 28. (Detour route map)

The second phase of the project will occur at the intersection of Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive at Stepien Road. The purpose of this project is to eliminate seepage of water through the asphalt at the intersection. Pihl Excavating will make improvements to the subsurface drainage in the area. Scoggins Valley Road will be closed at the intersection for 2 weeks, April 25 through May 6. (Detour route map)

Other noteworthy updates: Washington County is monitoring the slide on West Shore Drive at Hankins Road. Design of the slide repair has begun, and construction should occur in 2017. Funding has been obtained to repair this slide and carry out several maintenance projects on West Shore Drive through the Federal Lands Access Program.

Updated 10/9/15:

Installation of both culverts is complete and the road is expected to reopen by end of day Friday, October 9.

The MP 4.6 slide area repair and Stepien Road/Scoggins Valley/West Shore drainage improvements will go out for bid in November, with construction expected in March and April 2016.

The Scoggins Valley Road overlay and guardrail upgrade are planned for May and June 2016.

Updated 10/1/15:

Installation of the 3-foot diameter culvert is complete, and work has started on installation of the 9-foot fish passage culvert. The trail and road remain closed. The estimated reopening of both the road and trail is October 12.

Updated 9/17/15:

Construction on the 3-foot diameter culvert is finishing up this week. Lyda Excavating will be shifting their efforts to the replacement of the fish passage culvert on Monday, September 21. The trail and road will both be closed at Tanner Creek for three weeks while the 9-foot fish passage culvert is being installed.

Updated 9/3/15:

Media release: Scoggins Valley Road to close for five weeks (8/28/15)

Construction is beginning on the replacement of two culverts on Scoggins Valley Road. Lyda Excavating, Inc. will be installing a 3-foot diameter culvert and 9-foot diameter culvert. The 9-foot diameter culvert will also provide fish passage. The two culverts are being replaced due to their poor condition and in advance of next spring's planned overlay of Scoggins Valley Road.

All notifications are complete and signs are in place for the road closure. Scoggins Valley Road will be closed for five weeks west of Tanner Creek Road starting Tuesday, September 8. The trail around Hagg Lake will be open for the first part of the project while the smaller culvert is being replaced. The trail will be closed once construction begins on the replacement of the large culvert. 

Final plans for the Milepost 4.6 Landslide and Stepien Road/Scoggins Valley Road Drainage Improvements are being reviewed by the county. The project is expected to be out to bid in the next month, with construction anticipated to be carried out this winter/early spring, prior to the overlay and guardrail upgrades planned for spring 2016

Updated 8/19/15:

Two culvert replacements on Scoggins Valley Road are on schedule to begin September 8. During construction the road will be closed for 35 days. The trail around the lake will be closed for 21 of those days.

Final designs are being drafted for the landslide stabilization at Milepost 4.6 on Scoggins Valley Road and for the drainage improvement at the intersection of Stepien Road, Scoggins Valley Road, and West Shore Drive. Construction of these two projects will be completed prior to the overlay and guardrail upgrades planned for spring 2016.

Updated 5/8/15:

Final designs have been completed for the culvert replacements in Phase 1. Guardrail upgrades and the asphalt overlay for Scoggins Valley Road is in the design phase. 

Based on geotechnical investigations, Washington County's consultant Parametrix is beginning to design the stabilization of the two active landslide areas affecting Scoggins Valley Road.

Geotechnical investigations and monitoring of the three active landslides on West Shore Drive are continuing in order to identify the appropriate stabilization techniques.