Jenkins Road (158th Avenue to Murray Boulevard)

Project Description

Jenkins Road is a heavily used east/west arterial roadway that carries close to 24,000 vehicles a day. The current two/three lane road is not adequate for existing traffic and projected traffic growth in the area. This section of roadway also lacks continuous sidewalks along the south side of the road. 

This project will widen Jenkins Road between 158th and Murray to five lanes (two travel lanes in each direction with a center turn lane) and will include continuous bike and pedestrian facilities on both sides of the road. A dedicated right turn lane will be added on Jenkins Road westbound to 158th Avenue northbound. A new bridge is also being proposed at Cedar Mill Creek, just west of 153rd Avenue.


Funding Information

The $13 million project cost is funded through the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP 3d), the Transportation Development Tax (TDT) and utility reimbursement.

Community Participation Organization CPO 1 & CPO 6
Commissioner Districts 1 & 2


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