Paving (road overlay) projects FY 2018-19

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2018 Road Fund Overlay Project contract A (urban):

  • 170th Avenue, between TV Highway and Baseline Road- complete
  • 185th Avenue, between Highway 26 and 600 feet north of Walker Road- complete
  • 209th Avenue, between Farmington Road and Deline Street- complete
  • Baseline Road, between 197th Avenue and Cornelius Pass Road- complete
  • Cornelius Pass Road, between 300 feet south of Cornell Road to address #1830- complete
  • Garden Home Road, between 71st and 92nd avenues - complete
  • Main Street, between Brookwood Parkway and 130 feet east of 39th Avenue- complete
  • Oak Street, between 165th and 179th avenues - complete
  • Walker Road, between Highway 217 and 250 feet east of Cedar Hills Boulevard - complete

2019 Road Fund Overlay Project contract A (urban):

  • Jenkins Road, between Murray Boulevard and 300 feet east of Edgemoor Avenue- complete
  • Murray Boulevard (south), between Scholls Ferry Road and Allen Boulevard- complete
  • Murray Boulevard (north), between Terman and Jenkins roads- complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road, between Murray and Teal boulevards- complete
  • West Union Road, between 143rd and 174th avenues- complete

2018 Road Fund Overlay Project contract B (rural):

  • Beach Road, between Glencoe and Gordon roads- complete
  • Carpenter Creek Road, between Stringtown and Plumlee roads- complete
  • Dorland Road between, Solberger and Dixie Mountain roads- complete
  • Harrington Road between, Dersham and Roy roads- complete
  • Hartwick Road between, Cedar Canyon and Satellite Drive- complete
  • Iowa Hill Road between, Nursery Road and Tongue Lane- complete
  • Logie Trail between, Helvetia Road and Multnomah County line- complete
  • Old Highway 47 between, Patton Valley and Scoggins Valley roads- complete
  • Plumlee Road between, Dilley and Carpenter Creek roads- complete
  • Wilkesboro Road between, Roy and Mountaindale roads- complete