Road maintenance FY 2021-22

Travelers should also monitor and/or Twitter for alerts to avoid road work and delays.


Monument box installation
Required for all public centerline monuments, these boxes are used by surveyors to mark key areas along roads. Learn more

  • 185th Avenue, at the intersection of Madeline Street
  • Brookman Road, between Middleton Road and the railroad crossing
  • Dairy Creek Road, between Murphy Road and Cedar Lane
  • Dober Road, between Riedwig and Iowa Hill roads
  • Ecole Avenue, between Jenkins and Walker roads
  • Fern Hill Road, between Highway 47 and Springhill Road
  • Hahn Road, between Davidson Road and end-of-pavement
  • Iowa Hill Road, between Dober and Gnos roads
  • Madeline Street, between 185th and 192nd avenues
  • Mountaindale Road, between Dairy Creek Road and 448 feet west of Dairy Creek Road
  • Mountaindale Road, at the intersection with Hahn Road
  • Mount Richmond Road, between South Road and the Yamhill County line
  • Old Cornelius Pass Road, between Cornelius Pass and Phillips roads
  • Patton Valley Road, between Old Highway 47 and Richmond Road
  • Rosa Road, between 196th and 198th avenues
  • Scholls Ferry Road, between Scholls-Sherwood Road and bridge #202995
  • Scholls-Sherwood Road, between Scholls Ferry Road and 200 feet south of Munger Lane
  • Springhill Road, between Withycombe and Vandehey roads
  • Stringtown Road, between Ihrig and Gales Creek roads
  • Unger Road, between Firdale and Dixon Mill roads
  • Withycombe Road, between Springhill Road and end-of-pavement


Surface stabilization
The application of lignin sulfonate to stabilize and maintain gravel road conditions, including hills, corners and other areas prone to rutting, washboarding or potholes. Learn more

  1. Collins Road
  2. Pihl Road
  3. Hayward Road
  4. Cedar Canyon Road
  5. Old Pumpkin Ridge Road
  6. Corey Road
  7. Bishop Road
  8. Dixon Mill Road
  9. Gibson Road
  10. Dundee Road
  11. Lee Road
  12. Sain Creek Road
  13. Scoggins Valley Road
  14. Stepien Road
  15. Tanner Creek Road
  16. Knight Road
  17. Sandstrom Road
  18. David Hill Road
  19. Timmerman Road
  20. Shearer Hill Road
  21. Narup Road
  22. Eberly Road
  23. Strassell Road
  24. Scofield Road
  25. Capehorn Road
  26. Nowakowski Road
  27. Bacona Road
  28. Green Mountain Road
  29. Sellers Road
  30. Lodge Road
  31. Murtaugh Road
  32. Murphy Road
  33. Pumpkin Ridge Road
  34. Kay Road
  35. Dixie Mountain Road
  36. Hansen Road
  37. Pedersen Road
  38. Smoke Ranch Road
  39. Otto Mueller Road
  40. Jarrell Road
  41. Stark Road
  42. Egger Road
  43. Firdale Road
  44. Holly Hill Road
  45. Finnigan Hill Road