Saltzman Road (Laidlaw Road to Bayonne Lane)

Project Description

Saltzman Road, between Laidlaw Road and Bayonne Lane, will be widened to three lanes (one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane) with bike lanes and sidewalks.

Two proposed alignment alternatives for Saltzman Road are being studied.

Saltzman Road is a two-lane urban collector serving a rapidly-growing community. The road has narrow lanes without adequate bike and pedestrian facilities.

Other improvements include:

  • Street lighting
  • Drainage
  • Curbs
  • Gutters


Project Funding

The estimated $6.5 million project includes $5.3 million from the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) 3e and $1.2 million from the Bonny Slope West Transportation Development Charge.


The public Saltzman Road Project Advisory Committee has been created to help decision-makers understand the community's preference for one of the two proposed alignment alternatives for the Saltzman Road (Laidlaw Road to Bayonne Lane) Project. Learn more


Community Participate Program CPO 7
Commissioner District 2


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