Thompson Road open house summary May 2020

Thompson Road logoThe Thompson Road Online Open House, May 1-17, 2020, was viewed by 630 people and received 83 comments. A summary of comments (in bold text) and responses is below.


Additional improvements are need at (various locations).

RESPONSE: County road projects are identified with a specific limit and budget. The requests that are outside the limits of this project are recorded for the time when future funds are available.

Concerns about traffic speed (35 mph) and the amount of traffic, noise and speeding.

RESPONSE: This road section is designated an urban arterial to carry a large volume of traffic between cities. The speed (35 mph) is determined by the state and enforced by law enforcement. Speed bumps or cushions are not allowed on arterials. 

Consider reducing the speed on the existing Thompson Road.

RESPONSE: School traffic speeds will be lower on THompson Road between Kollenborn Lane and Findley Elementary School.

It's imperative that the County incorporate wide, 8'+ planting strips in new road designs and plant large-form trees, prioritizing evergreens and natives for added stormwater management, enhanced beauty and sense of place, and cooling shade for the roadway and sidewalk during the hot summer months.

RESPONSE: The amount of right-of-way available limits the amount of work that can be done. No additional right-of-way is being acquired along Kenny Terrace.

Concerns about sidewalks.

RESPONSE: Sidewalks will be built on both sides of Kenny Terrace and on Thompson Road to Saltzman Road to allow pedestrians to safely access Findley Elementary.

Concerns about bike lanes.

RESPONSE: Bike lanes will be included along the length of the project and south on Saltzman Road between Thompson Road and Pinon Hills Terrace/Creekview Drive.

Concern about school traffic using Tustin Ranch Drive to access the existing Thompson Road.

RESPONSE: The design includes blocking access of Tustin Ranch Drive to existing Thompson Road with a barricade. There will be a space for pedestrians and bicyclists to access the existing Thompson Road pedestrian paths. Speed cushions are being considered for the neighborhood. The County is analyzing the possible removal of the no-left-turn access at 135th Terrace.

Please consider installing a crosswalk at Dalton Ranch and Kenny Terrace. The type of crosswalk that allows pedestrians to push a button and causes lights to flash so that we may cross safely.

RESPONSE: The intersection has been studied and while a flashing beacon is not warranted at this time, a decision as not been made whether to include one in the project.

Why not connect the south Findley parking lot directly to the new Thompson/Kenny route? What will prevent cut-through traffic using Dalton Ranch?

RESPONSE: The outlet is too close to the intersection of Saltzman and Thompson roads to safely allow traffic to form a left-turn queue on the new Kenny Terrace/Thompson Road alignment.

Concerns about turning a closed-ended street into a through-street.

RESPONSE: This road section was designed to connect to Thompson Road as part of the planning agreement. Although delayed by need for right-of-way acquisition, this project has been in development since Kenny Terrace was built.

Request for traffic signal Thompson Road/Kollenborn Lane/Kenny Terrace intersection.

RESPONSE: Projected traffic has been analyzed and this intersection is not expected to meet warrants for a traffic signal. The project team is working with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue to ensure there is proper sight distance for everyone using the intersection, including emergency vehicles leaving the fire station.

Is there any possibility of a westbound one-way right turn-off from NW Thompson/Saltzman intersection so that cars could continue to use the old Thompson road to gain access to Arbor Creek via the NW 153 Terrace entrance?

RESPONSE: The northeast location does not meet safety requirements for in and out traffic movement. Tustin Ranch Drive will be barricaded at Thompson Road.

What will happen to the field across from Findley? I understood from the previous owners this was to be a park.

RESPONSE: Washington County and Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD) are working together for the new road alignment.  THPRD can be contacted for more information about a park.

Please be sure to prioritize pedestrian safety during the construction period.

RESPONSE: Work zone safety is very important to us. Pedestrian paths or detours will be maintained throughout construction.

Consider changing the names of Thompson Road and Kenny Terrace.

RESPONSE: Yes, we are considering changing the names of both the existing alignment of Thompson Road and Kenny Terrace.

Concerns about the project overall.

Praise for the project.

Praise for the open house and outreach.


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