Tualatin-Sherwood Road-ITS Phase 1

Through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a Traffic Operation Center (TOC) gathers real-time roadway condition information for decision making to improve overall traffic flow and aid in reducing congestion. A TOC acts as a focal point for traffic information, so traffic engineers can more quickly and effectively use traffic management tools. It's also a place where the surface transportation network meets the information super-highway.

More about the Washington County TOC
The Washington County Traffic Operation Center (TOC) became operational in November 2009. The TOC provides a platform for the expansion of ITS technology on the Washington County roadway system. The TOC is foundational for the implementation of future technological advances in traffic management.

Capability and Costs
The TOC provides a direct fiber optic communication connection to the regional ITS network in Portland. With this connection, the county can utilize the regional traffic signal operational and maintenance application. The application provides the tools for:

  • System-wide operational views
  • Real-time health checks of field equipment
  • Signal timing management
  • System-wide updates and implementations
  • Remote troubleshooting

These tools coupled with communications to field devices will allow engineers to detect and correct signal problems directly from the TOC. The results will include improved traffic signal performance and reliability.

The new TOC facility also provides a direct fiber optic communication connection to Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) cameras. Cameras are an important tool for providing information about the status of traffic and traffic incidents on the roadway. They also help with identifying problems and dispatching resources to improve safety and reduce delay on the roads. Washington County will add cameras to the arterial system as part of upcoming projects.  

The TOC was constructed at a cost of $242,000. The funding was primarily obtained from Transportation Improvement Program grants. County match money was also allocated to complete the project.

A team effort
Local and regional governments, consultant engineers, and contractors teamed up with Washington County to ensure coordination and project success. Likewise, Traffic Engineering, Capital Project Management, Facilities, and Information Technology worked together to make the TOC a reality.