Jackson School Road Corridor

NE Jackson School Road serves as a north-south link between downtown Hillsboro and Highway 26 and provides access to a residential development. It also serves as access to three elementary schools (Jackson, Lincoln, Mooberry), one city park (Hamby) and TriMet bus service (Evergreen & Jackson School). Jackson School Road is currently a two-lane roadway with an intermittent center turn lane, intermittent sidewalks, limited roadway lighting and no bicycle facilities. 

The project will improve the existing roadway to provide bicycle lanes, sidewalks and street lighting. The project will look at the addition of a center turn lane to provide safety for left-turning vehicles. The project will also improve the creek/drainage crossing between Rogahn Street and Evergreen Road and upgrade the storm system.

This project is funding through MSTIP and administered by Hillsboro.

For current project information, please visit the project page.