West Union Road Shoulder Widening

West Union shoulder widening logoProject Description
The shoulders on both sides of West Union Road, between NW Helvetia and NW Cornelius Pass roads, will be widened by about 4 feet on each side of the road. In addition to the shoulder widening, the road will undergo pavement repairs and an asphalt overlay.

The project will begin late summer, pause during the rainy season, and restart in spring 2021. While no road closures are anticipated, there will be lane closures; expect delays.

West Union Road is a highly used route, with a 66.17% increase in traffic volume since 2010. The additional width on each side of the road will improve safety for vehicles, farm equipment, bicycles and pedestrians. In addition, the overlay will extend the life of the road.

Funding Information
This $1.8 million project is funded by the Road Fund.

Community Participation Organization and District