West Union/Thompson roads (FY 2018-20 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)


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Both West Union and Thompson roads need continuous sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety.

We plan to fill in sidewalk gaps along the north side of these roads, between Bronson Creek Drive and 153rd Terrace, and a segment of sidewalk on the south side of West Union Road, connecting to 148th Place. We will also build ADA-compliant ramps, relocate a waterline and install stormwater drains and streetlights.

Learn more at West Union/Thompson roads (FY 2018-20 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement Project) Frequently Asked Questions.

Construction start (expected): 11/16/2020
Construction finish (expected): 4/30/2021


Update 9/2/2021: 
This project has been completed.

Contact: Capital Project Services,
Land Use & Transportation, 503-846-7800




Prior events and comment opportunities


Online construction kickoff Oct. 23-Nov. 8, 2020

Open house July 15, 20