Transportation Services

Request a Road-Related Service or Report a Problem

To request a road-related service or report a problem, call 503-846-ROAD (846-7623), e-mail us, or submit an online service request.

To report a hazardous road condition outside of normal business hours, call the Washington County 911 non-emergency response number: 503-629-0111.

To request patrol enforcement, submit a Sheriff's Office Traffic Complaint.

Emergency Response

We sand and plow when snow and ice arrives, and close roads when flooding hits. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day to respond to malfunctioning traffic signals, downed trees, blocked culverts, sink name it. Our Winter Road Operations plan identifies the priority response routes that are cleared first.

Current Road Work

Find weekly road work news, current and scheduled road construction and maintenance work, and road closures on Washington County Roads ( 

Road Permits

A road permit is required for construction within the public road right-of-way, for a temporary road closure, to apply dust control on a gravel road, to build or repair a driveway or sidewalk, or to hold an event in the roadway.

Transportation Projects

Major transportation improvement projects improve safety, reduce bottlenecks, and address various transportation modes and demands.

Road and Bridge Maintenance

To keep our roads and bridges safe and functioning, we pave, patch and grade roads; cut back blackberries and brush along the shoulders; repair bridges; install and repair pavement markings and traffic signs; and keep the water moving through culverts and ditches.

Minor Betterments

Site-specific transportation enhancements not met through major transportation improvement projects or routine maintenance may be eligible for funding through the Minor Betterment Program.

Traffic Safety

What do traffic engineers, road maintenance workers, bike and pedestrian advocates, deputy sheriffs and firefighters have in common? A concern for public safety! And traffic safety is a huge component of public safety.

Transportation Planning

County planners prepare and periodically update the long-range (20-year) county transportation plan. They work with Metro and ODOT on regional transportation issues and initiatives, travel forecasting, and bicycle and pedestrian planning. Transportation planning activities include considerable involvement and discussion with county interest groups and residents in general.

Transportation Funding

Our modern transportation system provides us with countless benefits and opportunities, yet it is so easy to take for granted. We forget its success depends on money—and that money has to come from somewhere.

Transportation History

Every day thousands of us literally take to the streets, traveling though life on Washington County's transportation network at a 21st century pace. Though it's hard to imagine, it wasn't that long ago when freeways and stoplights didn't exist … when making the trek from Hillsboro to Portland took hours, not minutes. Explore "The History of Transportation in Washington County"—a fascinating story thousands of years in the making.

Road and Bridge Engineering

The Uniform Road Design Standards provide technical direction and guidance for the design and construction of all public roads and associated improvements to the county's transportation system.

Traffic Engineering

Road signs, traffic signals, roadway striping, crosswalks, street lights, and speed zones are designed and placed to manage traffic and improve safety.

Transportation System Data

Washington County is a big place and keeping the transportation system functioning is a big job. Our territory ranges from near the summit of the coastal range over to the West Hills of Portland and down to Wilsonville. Our boundaries border Multnomah, Clackamas, Yamhill, Tillamook and Columbia counties.

Public Involvement

Two citizen committees - the Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee and the Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee - work with county staff and advise the Board of Commissioners on issues related to roads. Meetings are open to the public.